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HQ Transitional Housing Guidelines

Thank you for considering The HomeQuest group for your transitional housing needs. You are here because you are interested in one of our fully furnished rooms with all utilities
and WIFI where you will share a kitchen and bathroom area with 2-3 other individuals.

We have very strict guidelines for our properties and we do not rent to everyone looking for a place to stay. We like to help individuals who want to come to a safe, clean place to relax without worrying about people coming in and out the property all hours of the day. So if you have recent violence or drug activity in your background, that would be a recent gun or assault charge or a recent drug charge for trafficking or possession, then this would not be a good spot for you. But most importantly, if you want to have a lot of visitors coming over or staying the night, then this might not be a good place for you either because we do not allow for overnight stays and we really don’t like a lot of visitors coming in and out our property. We like to keep things nice and quiet and these guidelines help us achieve that goal.

So if you can abide by these rules, then you are a qualified to go to the next step of our leasing process, which is to complete a rental application online if you haven’t done so already and meet with our property manager to see the property. Please go to www.ourscheduler.com and set an appointment to meet at your selected property. If you schedule an appointment, please note that you MUST contact the property manager 30 minutes before your scheduled time in order to confirm your appointment. Otherwise, he will not be there.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your housing needs.

Call us today at 314-643-9800 or send a message below.