Our Company

Our Company

The HomeQuest Group is a company founded in 2014 by Toni Wade, a real estate investor broker,  who has focused primarily on providing clean, safe housing for underserved individuals. We have impacted hundred of lives and seeks to help underserved individuals learn how to become sovereign. 

We partner with several agencies in helping transform lives through real estate and we are actively involved in ending homelessness in the areas that we serve.  Our experience in running homeless shelters, giving to the poor and being an advocate for the unhoused speaks volumes from all areas of our organization.

We have a team of real estate professionals who care about more than just real estate.  We specialize in every real estate investing strategy that exists.

We have multiple divisions – HQ Property Management, HQ Construction & Development & HQ Staffing. Each division serves us as we serve the community and we will continue to grow as the needs change.

We have four programs – Transitional Housing, Homeownership NOW, Live For Free and B-Sovereign.  All programs complement what we have to offer the community.

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