Showing people how to live for free

Showing People How to Live For Free

We specialize in helping individuals who desire homeownership to take their dreams to the next level by showing them how to Live For Free.  By teaching them how to purchase a duplex and rent out the other side, we are able to help not only position them as a homeowner, but free up funds that would normally go toward their own living expenses and help them become financially free.

With our Live For Free model, we show individuals how to buy a duplex as an owner occupant and rent out the other side.  Sounds like a simple model, but what makes us unique is we offer a hands-free system providing each client potentially 100% occupancy in their property. Imagine buying a property and never worrying about the headaches associated with being a landlord.  This is unique approach exclusive to our clients and our goal is to create a community of individuals who know how to operate in this model and live for free.  To find out more about how to participate, click HERE

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